How to automate development tasks? - An Introduction to Errbot

Nitanshu (~nvzard)





The aim of this talk is to introduce you to Errbot, which is a chatbot that can be used to automate software development and operation tasks to facilitate faster development of code.

Errbot is a chat bot which connects to your favorite chat service(Gitter, Slack, Telegram, Zulip, IRC, etc) and brings your tools into the conversation. It provides you with a rich and user friendly API, through which you can write your own plugins so you can make it do whatever you want: retrieving some information online, trigger a tool via an API, troll a chat room member, etc.

The talk will include:

  • Introduction to DevOps and ChatOps
  • What is Errbot
  • Guide to setting up you own bot
  • Writing your first plugin
  • Fun with the bot
  • Automating GitHub/GitLab tasks right from the chat room - Introduction to corobo


  • Basic knowledge of Python and APIs
  • Will to learn

Content URLs:

Errbot's Website:

Errbot's GitHub Repository:

corobo's GitHub Repository:

The slides will be shared to the audience as a GitHub repo after the talk.

Speaker Info:

Nitanshu Vashistha is a 3rd Year Engineering Undergraduate in India studying Information Technology.

He started learning how to code in his first year of engineering but little did he know that he was just playing with the syntax, which he realized in his second year and his journey as a developer began.

His first working application was in Python and that got him interested to develop more using Python.

Nitanshu is a Python developer and an open source enthusiast. He has mentored Google Code-In 2017 and is currently a Google Summer of Code 2018 student working on a project based on Errbot for coala.

He likes writing about himself as third-person :P

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