How ROBUST is Artificial Intelligence ? ~ AI using Python

Srajan Jha (~srajan)




The era of Artificial Intelligence is moving quite rapidly across the globe. It's being used in almost every application we know , from medical diagnosis to self driving cars and it's use is still growing exponentially.

But should we blindly trust AI ? Is this technology robust enough? Are we capable enough to handle it's power?

In this talk we will step back for a moment and look forward about the security issues and robustness of this technology. I'll be discussing the problems we can face , the precautions we have to take, etc. with the help of a famous problem, known as One Pixel Attack.


  • A bit of Python
  • Some knowledge of Machine Learning
  • And a broader perspective

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The content of the talk will be shared after the session in form of my Github Repository.

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The speaker, Srajan Kant Jha, is a final year B.E. student who has been working on Machine Learning and Data Science from quite a while now. Nonetheless, he pivoted from C/C++ to Python and during the transition, has also developed some projects on the same. He used to blog at his leisure time and is still on a venture to provide the knowledge of ML and Data Science to enthusiasts through a project site.

Srajan is also the City Ambassador (and one of the speakers) of AI-Saturdays, which is a community of over 5000+ students(over 100+ cities) that helps people try their hands on Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence, free of cost. Inspite of this, he still has a lot to discover in this growing industry. (Follow him on social media to know more)

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