How is your Open Source project doing?

Pranjal Aswani (~pranjal2)




Software development projects, in particular the open source ones, heavily rely on the use of tools such as Git, GItHub and mailing lists to support, coordinate and promote their development activities. Despite their paramount value, they contribute to fragment the project data, thus hindering the work of both practitioners and researchers to collect, clean, link and analyse this data to derive insightful analytics about the software project.

In this context, the Community Health Analytics and Open Source Software (CHAOSS) project, under the umbrella of the Linux Foundation is currently working towards analysing open source communities and how they function.

This talk presents GrimoireLab, a Python-based open source platform, part of CHAOSS. GrimoireLab allows us to seamlessly analyse open source projects, measuring their activities, processes and communities. We will discover the tools composing GrimoireLab and learn how to use them. At the end of the talk we will know how to:

  • Collect data in an automatic and incremental way from almost any tool related with contributing to open source development (e.g., source code management, issue tracking systems, forums),

  • Enrich the collected data with additional information like contributors affiliation and geographical data as well as manage and unify identities (e.g., emails, username) belonging to the same contributor.

  • Visualize your project data through interactive dashboards and reports.

I will also touch upon my experience as a Google Summer of Code-18 student under CHAOSS and how you can participate in the community and contribute to the project.


  • Willingness to learn about new tools
  • Interest in Open Source Development [A must]
  • A good understanding of how APIs work
  • Knowledge about how the command line works
  • Basics about how Elasticsearch works is appreciated but not necessary

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Hey!! I am Pranjal Aswani. I recently finished my engineering from TCET, Mumbai.

I am an Open Source enthusiast and a Python Dev. As you might have guessed from my Proposal, I am working with CHAOSS under GSoC-18.

I have a high interest in Data Analysis and this is going to be my first PyCon talk! (if selected :P)

If you are a potential employer or just want to talk, please feel free to visit my website for more information! (link below)

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