Home finder using Python and Augmented Reality

Ankit Gautam (~Gautam-ankit)




In this talk I am going to address several stuff about Augmented Reality and python. The talk will be addressed in 4 distinguish section that is, 1. Aframe framework(5 min) 2. AR.js(5 min) 3. Embedding AR with python(10 min) 4. Live demonstration of project(4 min) 5. Forum will be open for questions(5 min).

After this whole talk and Q&A session, one individual will be able to write code for augmented reality as well as can use augmented reality code in python.


HTML and CSS and basic Javascript, basic python , some programming concepts.

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As a Microsoft student partner, I gave several presentations for Hour of code. And as a Mozilla campus club caption, I gave several presentations for Virtual reality and Augmented reality using Aframe web framework.

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