Handwritten Digit and Character Recognition using Python





You all would have often faced the issue of not being able to recognize handwriting, either it is a Doctor's prescription or sometimes, even your friend's assignment. This problem might have caused some harm, maybe due to the delay in submitting the assignment or seeking chemists' that can recognize that particular handwriting. Therefore, in this talk, we will be focusing on how Python and Data Science can be used to recognize handwritten digits and character which will ease out the pain of recognizing haphazard writings.

Topics to be covered:

  1. What is Handwritten Digit and Character Recognition?
  2. Why we need it and uses of it?
  3. How Python can help in achieving this?
  4. How NLP and Neural networks can be used to increase accuracy?
  5. Future Scope


  1. Basics of Python
  2. Basics of Data Science

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Speaker Info:

I'm Prashant Pandey. I've deep interest in Data Science, especially in Python. I've been working in the domain of Data Science since one year now, and have completed several projects. Presently, I'm working on Handwritten Digit and Character Recognition.

Section: Data science
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Intermediate
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