Handwriting Synthesis from digital text.

Deepayan (~Deepayan137)





Wouldn't it be cool if machines could write like humans do? Just imagine. You provide typed in text to the computer. The computer takes a look at it and then outputs the same text but in your own handwriting. So, no more manually copying useless assignments for your next class. Just upload the typed in documents and Voila!! get them back as if written by you.

Proposed method

We propose to train a hybrid CNN-RNN deep neural network to achieve this task. The CNN will detect robust and distinguishing features from your handwriting and provide them to the RNN which will then try to decode your writing style. Over the course of several iterations, the RNN will memorize how you write your o's and mark your 't's'. Is your writing squiggly or curvy? Are the fonts small or large, and other such details until it is able to reproduce text which resembles your own handwriting.


  1. Curiosity and willingness to learn something new. :)

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