Hands on Deep learning using TensorFlow and Keras

Ladle Patel (~ladle)




Hands training for developers ,data scientists ,researchers in deep learning using TensorFlow and Keras.


Instructor led hands-on bootcamp to implement deep learning based applications for Computer Vision and Natural language processing.

Topics covered .

1.Deep learning concepts a)Neurons b)Neural newtork c)Activation functions d)Back propagation algorithm e)Stochastic gradient descent f)Adaptive learning g)Momentum 2.Installation and setup of GPU server on aws/gcloud

3.Deep learning for computer vision a)Image classification b)Object detection c)Image segmentation 4.Deep learning for Natural language processing a)Word Embedding b)LSTMs

  1. Packaging Deep Learning models 6.Case Studies


Python,Basics of linear algebra, Basics of calculus

Speaker Info:

Ladle Patel has 6+ years of experience in Machine learning, Big data and Deep Learning.

Speaker Links:


Section: Data science
Type: Workshops
Target Audience: Advanced
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