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Google Cloud Platform Deployment Manager (GCP DM) allows you to codify your infrastructure with minimal setup, just need to download the gcloud library and you're off to the races. While its simple to get started with GCP DM, its a whole 'nother ball game to write extensible and reusable DM code. In this talk I will show you how to scaffold your code into two distinct groups: configs and templates. By separating these out you can reuse the same templates across multiple deployments with different configs and make your codebase a little bit smaller.

  • How to write a basic DM deployment.
  • Convert the basic DM deployment into a template.
  • Launch multiple deployments with different configs but same template.
  • Create custom helper functions in DM
  • Best practices when using DM


Understanding of Google Cloud Platform

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As a freelance Site Reliability Engineer and Cloud Architect, AJ has traveled all over the world helping startups setup and manage Cloud infrastructure. He has also architected and deployed large Hybrid on-prem/cloud infrastructure for existing well established companies that wanted a taste of the cloud but needed to keep their physical data-centers as well. This is his 11th year as a SRE/CA and has automated, scaled and monitored infrastructure anywhere from 150 to 3500+ nodes, both physical and virtual. Currently he is looking for his next challenge, perhaps its this pycon talk.

Brought up and currently lives in New York City but travels all over the world in search of the best train journeys and awesome foods which seems to bring him back to India again and again.

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