GNUPG for the Python Application Developers

Anwesha Sarkar (~anwesha)




“Arguing that you don't care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different from saying you don't care about free speech because you have nothing to say." -Edward Snowden.

One’s data is the extension of the person, the digital self. It should be treated as the part of our body. In the present age of massive digital surveillance, it is very difficult to protect the right to privacy. While the developers code or communicate in the digital sphere, she needs to safeguard the privacy rights of the users and the person she is communicating with, respectively. Encryption makes our life easy by protecting the digital self, whereas it makes life difficult for different surveillance agencies. GnuPG is the most trusted tool on that front. GnuPG is the free software version of the OpenPGP cryptographic software suite. This command line application permits one to encrypt and put the signature on your data and communication.

There are Python modules which allow easy access to GnuPG’s key management, encryption and signature functionality from Python programs. In the talk, we will learn how to use the same in your Python application, which will in turn help to protect the privacy of the users for your application.

Why does this talk matter in current times?

Keeping the users safe, keeping their right to privacy protected is one of the major concern for the modern application developers. Using the GnuPG tool with Python binding makes it easier for the application developers to protect the information. This talk will help new Python programmers to use GnuPG to jumpstart using GnuPG in their application safeguarding the users. This talk will also throw some light on the general usage of the GnuPG for the community at large. “Power of community, which is at the heart of the GPG encryption,” says Thenmozhi Soundararajan the Executive Director of Equality Labs.


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Anwesha Das, an Advocate, a PyLady and a core believer of Free and Open Source Software ideology. She provides consultation regarding legal, policy-making and community-related issues in the Free Software and Open Source Software world. She is the Organiser of PyLadies Pune and also leads the PyLadies efforts in India. Privacy and Freedom in the software space are the two of her very close to heart topics. She maintains her personal blog at She currently blogs for PSF.

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