Getting Started with Computer Vision using OpenCV

Deepak Kumar (~dipakkr)




Computer vision enables the machine to see and analyze objects like humans do. Despite the significant recent advancement in computer vision, implementing it efficiently at a scale presents a serious challenge. Computer Vision deal with techniques like Object Recognition, Object Detection, Face Recognition, segmentation and many more. The best example of this would be a Self-driving car.

In this session, we will discuss, how to get started with computer vision using OpenCV. OpenCV is a computer vision library which provides an implementation of the various algorithm on a single call. However, It takes a lot of time and a good understanding of Convolutional Neural Network to build a good computer vision technique.

Let’s Start !!!!!! We will also see few demos


  • Image Filtering
  • Object Detection
  • Image Recognition


  • Beginner or Intermediate in Python
  • Basic numpy operation
  • Love for Computer Vision and Python

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a Researcher, Backend Developer, and Machine Learning Enthusiast. I am currently working as Deep Learning Research Intern at MNIT Jaipur.

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