Garuda: Automagically Exposing Django ORM over gRPC for microservices written in other languages

dhilipsiva Dhilip (~dhilipsiva)




Microservices are fun. But what would make them even more fun to work with, is if we can avoid duplicating the data layer across your micro-services. Django ORM is amazing. Let's share the joy of Django ORM with other languages. I have written a tool to automatically expose Django ORM to other languages and which can also generate respective client libraries in other languages. I heavily rely on Protobuf and gRPC and a lot of AST parsing.


You will need to know basics of:

  • Django ORM
  • Protobuf
  • gRPC (or cap'n proto or any other RPC framework)
  • Microservices


  • Intro - 2 mins
  • Microservices - 2 min
  • Implementation of microservices that I have come across - 5 mins
    • CLI, HTTP, RPC, Thrift RPC Frameworks,
  • Protobuf - 5 mins
  • What's pending? - 1 min
  • Garuda Demo - 5 mins
  • TOTAL: 20 mins

Speaker Info:

⚛️Optimistic Nihilist. Wannabe Astrophysicist. I code for fun & profit. I love Science, Python, FOSS & fitness. Dad of 2. Environmentalist. Story Teller. Gamer.

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