Follow the Sequence in Deep way - Introducing Sequence Models





Artificial Intelligence is spreading in the modern world and it has changed the face of technologies in past several years, especially Information technology. Today we are much engaged with using and developing so-called intelligent computing systems and devices. This paradigm has evolved in many sub-areas likewise Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Neural Networks. These sub-areas of AI have a greater role in solving Vision problems( e.g. image recognition, object & activity detection etc.), Speech problems( e.g. ASR, trigger word detection, language translation etc.) and many more complex problem domains with help of robust algorithms & models. this talk will be focused on Sequence Neural Models used for solving the Speech and text problems and we will be introduced to real-world applications.

topics covered during the talk

  • Introduction
  • Recurrent Neural Networks
  • Word embeddings
  • Attention Models(Trigger word detection)
  • Real World Applications


Machine Learning Basics of Neural Networks Python Programming

  • Machine Learning( Basics)
  • Basics of Neural Networks
  • Python

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The content of the talk will be shared after the session in form of my Github Repository.

Speaker Info:

The speaker, Prashant Kumar Rai, is a final year M.C.A. student at Department of Computer Science (Pondicherry University, Puducherry) who has been working on Machine Learning and data science for quite a while. he pivoted from C to Python in his first year of Master's and currently using this for his projects. He used to blog at his leisure time.

Prashant is also a course mentor for 'Sequence Models' part of Prof. Andrew Ng' s Deep Learning Specialization on Coursera, where he helps learners who need in-course assistance and feedback to successfully complete a course.

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