Experience with Python type hints

Kracekumar Ramaraju (~kracekumar)




Python 3.5 RC introduced type hints in the standard library, since then a lot of projects use Python hints in the code. The large open Python source projects like Zulip use it.

For past one year, at work, I have been using Python type hints in the data pipelines and neural networks. The talk is based on the experience. In this talk, I'll cover the following topics.

Time Line:

  • Introduction to the project - 1 min
  • Introduction about Type Hints - 4 mins
  • Advantages of using Type hints - 8 mins
  • Pain Points - 8 mins
  • Closing Thoughts - 2 mins
  • Buffer - 3 mins


  • You should possess familiarity with Python, and grasp of the type system.

Speaker Info:

I'm kracekumar, working as software engineer for past seven years. My experience has been around building web applications, data pipelines, and automating servers. Currently, I work as a Software Engineer at minds.ai.

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Section: Core python and Standard library
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Beginner
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