EEG Based Cognitive Brain Mapping using Python





Submitting a proposal for to deliver a talk on ‘EEG based Cognitive Brain Mapping using Python’ under the broad area of signal processing. An intensive and in-depth theoretical and practical aspects in EEG signal processing for different research applications will be discussed. The development of a brain computer interface using EEG for control applications shall be explained with relevant research results. The demonstration to control the interfaced hardware using acquired brain signals via EEG shall be provided. The talk is intended for beginners in EEG signal processing but intermediate users will find it informative as well.

Cognitive neuroscience is being widely explored these days to develop more interactive brain computer interfaces (BCI) particularly for device control applications. Neural driven BCIs are gaining importance while providing assistance especially to paralytic/ physically locked-in patients in order to restore a useful life. An attempt shall be made to explain that how a cognitive activity of human subjects and associated neural activation captured via electroencephalography (EEG) vcan be translated into action. A framework to develop an automated control application environment using Python shall be discussed in detail . The analysis of a multichannel EEG dataset acquired from human subjects shall be explained and discussed in Python environment to extract the relevant features to develop possible control applications via hardware interfacing through Arduino. The proposed methodology can be utilized to offer patients with severe motor neuron disorders an alternative means of communication and control over their environment via applications for neurorehabilitation of motor and cognitive functions.


Biomedical signal processing Basic Python

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Rashima Mahajan (PhD ECE) Associate Professor Faculty of Engg and Technology Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies, Faridabad

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