Django on day 500

Amit Singh Sethi (~dusual)




All web developers who use python have come across django. It is both hated and loved to varying degrees. But what about day 500. What happens when you have a team of 15 people developing and 5 teams talking to the django application. What kind of baggage does django bring for day 500th. What kind of things it solves for the day 500.

Some of the points we shall talk about?

  • What kind questions does the day 500 bring?
  • Admin. Your friend and your foe.
  • Managing your database changes
  • Configuration Management
  • Django in a muti-skill, multi-team environment.
  • Django in a distributed environment.
  • Building visibility in your django app.


An understanding of django and web development basics should be helpful

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This is the link to the slides that I am working on for this talk.

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Amit Sethi, is a Software Developer at E2E networks. He has had his own love-hate relationship with django. Apart from that he has worked with frameworks like pyramid, tornado and flask with python. And also used rails and beego with ruby and golang. He is an opinionated developer with love for elegant API's

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