Django Chained - From personal interactive websites to complex data pipelines

rahul reddy (~rahul01)




Django as a web framework

Django is one of the most powerful web frameworks out there! (This is definitely subjective)

According to stackoverflow, python has ~10% developer base. They also predict that by 2020, the developer base would be 16-19%, if it grows at the same pace, making it the leader. Usage of python for web development has been increasing significantly. When it comes to python web framework, Django is the name that rings the bell.

  • Will discuss about a social media processing data pipeline that can be processed using the frameworks available for python.
  • Discuss about the pitfalls to be taken care of and advantages of using these.


  • Python
  • Basics of web development
  • Rest APIs

Speaker Info:

I am Rahul Reddy, graduated from IIT Varanasi, Product Lead at Setuserv informatics PVT Ltd. I lead a team building data analytics pipelines that handles more than 200-300 Million records a month. Enthusiastic about building even larger, robust, secure data pipelines.

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Section: Core python and Standard library
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