Distributed Tracing for your Python-based microservice architecture

Yash Mehrotra (~yash2)




This talk would be about our journey to successfully trace every request in our Python-based microservice Architecture.

An outline of the talk:

  • Why distributed tracing ?
  • How distributed tracing works at a glance ?
  • Distributed tracing using Python
  • Insights you can gather from distributed tracing
  • Performance
  • Observability
  • Easily debugging microservice failures


  • Basic knowledge about python based web applications

  • An idea about microservice architecture

  • Unhappiness with existing inter-service debugging tools

Content URLs:

Slides: https://slides.com/yashmehrotra/distributed-tracing/

Github Repository to be added soon

Speaker Info:

This talk will be given by Yash Mehrotra. He is currently working at Grofers where he is a part of the Search Team. He has also interned at HackerEarth, AdWyze and is a former Mozilla Winter of Security Participant.

He recently acquired a keen interested in distributed systems and loves to beat people at FIFA in his free time.

Speaker Links:

Website: https://yashmehrotra.com/

Github: https://github.com/yashmehrotra

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