Digital Signal Processing with Python and Applications in Audio

Abel Joseph John (~abel91)




Signal processing is a fundamental part of ECE and is also used in many other fields. Students for years have been using expensive Matlab for learning this skill. The talk/workshop/interactive session can be used by students to get a better understanding of signal processing and implementing it with python. The use of python language in signal processing is preferred as it is portable, easily available and fast to deploy

Topics covered include but are not limited to

  • Sound and Signals
  • Noise
  • Fourier Transform
  • Filtering
  • Modulation
  • Sampling
  • LTI Systems

The talk will be at a simple level so that even a high school student can understand signal processing and implement it.

If time allows another session on using python to solve electrical networks and visualizing them can also be implemented.


Basic knowledge of python and

  • Signals and systems (WikiPedia knowledge is enough.)
  • NumPy (Used for array manipulation )
  • SciPy (For computation)
  • matplotlib (For plotting various signals etc.)

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---In progress, will be ready to share by July last week can make it to July first week if urgent---

Speaker Info:

  • Speaker is a 3rd year ECE student with experience in python for numerical computations, web development and most importantly signal processing , and electrical networks
  • Interested in using python in modern electronics like the pyboard and raspberry pi and advocates the use of python over expensive software.
  • An avid python user, always tries to find a way to implement given task in python and believes that where there is a task to be done there is a suitable python library.

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