Developing Android apps using Kivy

Aman Raj (~amanraj209)




Sometimes it can be a laborious task for developers to build android apps using Java. Though Java supports Android apps in a powerful way but it also increases the code complexity for a high end app. Now, if you are a python enthusiast and also want to develop Android apps then Kivy comes to your rescue.

Kivy is an open source python library for rapid development of cross platform apps. Using the Kv design language and the Kivy framework for Python, you can build amazing interactive multi-touch apps in just a matter of minutes. Kivy framework solves the complexity problem any android developer face while writing complex codes. It also serves the advantage of being cross platform which saves a great amount of time for any app developer.

If you love Python, you will also love Kivy.



Basic Knowledge of Android

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The speaker goes by the name amanraj209 all over the web. I've been interested in learning new technologies since high school and I've been developing apps using Python, Javascript, Java, Go since the last 3 years. I've also done some small projects in Machine Learning. Being a developer gives me a great sense of feel to build apps for the users and contribute to the community. It has always been my passion to dive into the technology and contribute to the community something useful.

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