Designing APIs in no time using Flask





Get to know Flask and how to create beautiful REST APIs in no time. Fall in love with Flask and learn the best practices for building APis in a hurry.

Flask is a lightweight micro-framework for Python. Its simplicity and elasticity make it the best choice for building APIs in no time. In my talk, I will cover the basics concepts of Flask and Requests.

I will show the tools that can automate the most common tasks in API development and will share the design patterns to avoid common pitfalls.

Some of the specific tools and topics that I'll cover: Flask-Restplus, SQLAlchemy, request lifecycles, REST + CRUD API patterns, Flask architecture.


No previous experience in Flask is needed.

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Sara is a seasoned software engineer and the Co-Founder of, a data science and machine learning consulting company based in Guatemala, where she works crafting web applications and solutions to companies in need.

When she is not coding, she spends her free time baking sweet treats and watching Rick and Morty.

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