Design Patterns in python and Django

Jaipreet Singh (~Jaipreet95)





To explain the various design patterns that Django programmers use and prevent reinventing the wheel in each of your projects. Takeaways of this talk would be to know the answers to:

What are the current best practices in Django and what are not? Which are most common and useful design patterns? How to identify and implement these patterns?


Design Patterns are patterns we see and code in almost every Django projects. They are scenarios for which we wished had a canonical and elegant solution.

Based on the seminal work on design patterns in the Gang of Four book and Martin Fowler's book, the talk takes you through several well known design patterns to improve your Django code. It might also cover several new patterns in web application development that you can apply to other frameworks.


Basic knowledge of OOPS and Python Should have completed atleast one Django Project

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Hello I am Jaipreet Singh. I am a developer with 1 year of professional experience and +3 years of freelancing experience. I have a Bachelor's degree in computer science and I am currently working as a Software developer in Falkonry Pvt. Ltd., where I work on exciting new domain of Operational Machine Learning. I am very passionate about creating cutting edge products from scratch and for DevOps.

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