Demo + tutorial: Git push to deploy your python app to kubernetes - heroku style!

Tanmai Gopal (~tanmai)




Gitkube is an open-source project that brings the developer experience of Heroku, on your own kubernetes vendor within 60 seconds.

This means that you can take your python app, deploy it with a git push & scale it massively all on infrastructure you own at a fraction of the cost on Heroku.

After a brief introduction, this talk will be a live-coding demo + tutorial. Audience members are encouraged to bring their own laptops with python apps and follow along in the talk to deploy their app.

Permitting time, the talk will cover how gitkube works and how developers can contribute!


Python Git

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Tanmai runs a startup, Hasura, where they're building tools to make it easier for developers to move to GraphQL and Kubernetes. They were early adopters in the container ecosystem (pre-1.0 adopters for both Docker and Kubernetes) and have grown and contributed to the ecosystem as a company especially in India. Before this, Tanmai ran a consulting firm where their work included everything from MVPs for startups to helping one of the largest banks in the world migrate from legacy monoliths to containerised microservices.

Tanmai has been building applications for over 8 years with a variety of frameworks. He is a firm advocate of democratising the power to develop applications and is the proud teacher of one of the largest tech MOOCs in India,!

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Kubecon talk on gitkube:




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