Data Science with python

JATIN AHUJA (~jatin)




In this talk the main aim is to demystify data science and introduce the audience with the concepts of data science and machine learning in python.

Goals :

  • What is Data Science ?
  • What is Machine Learning ?
  • Why Python for Data Science ?
  • How to solve a Real world problem with data science ?


No Prerequisites

Speaker Info:

Jatin Ahuja is a self taught data scientist and machine learning practitioner. He's currently working in Data Science domain . He's the core team member (designated as PR Director) and city ambassador of AI Saturdays which is a community of over 5000+ students(over 100+ cities) to spread the knowledge of AI free of cost. He actively blogs about machine learning in his personal blog site named as everythingai . He mentors the aspirants in their journey to become a successful data scientist , machine learning engineer or deep learning engineer at .

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