Cyber Disorder

Viral Parmar (~Veerskyfire)




How social media is affecting our real life, what would be the prevention we can take to protect our digital identity and will share many real life case studies of cyber-crime with whom people will relate easily to better understand the scenario of cyber disorder and how to prevent such data leakage.


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Founder of Infinite Defense Foundation (NPO), Reps at Mozilla Foundation. Initiator of “LogOut”- World’s Biggest Cyber Awareness Campaign. 3+ years of experience in Information security & Cyber Crime Investigation. Expert in Cyber Crime Investigation, Digital Forensics, Public Key Infrastructure, Social Engineering, Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis. Found sever vulnerability in more than 50 websites like YourStory, Intel and etc. Solved more than 40 cases of cyber-crime and online frauds. Trained 50,000+ people till now and aware them about privacy and security. Given Seminars and workshops in 100+ Organizations.

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