Cryptographic Algorithms with Python

Radhika Subramanian (~radhika14)




This talk is meant for the end users who aspire to learn basics of cryptography and its implementation in real world projects. This tutorial is also useful for networking professionals as well as hackers who want to implement new frameworks instead of following traditional approach.


It is expected that the end user should know basics of cryptography and algorithms. The knowledge of cryptography algorithms becomes a cakewalk for a user who reads this tutorial.

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A pinch of optimism with a blend of hard work and focus defines Radhika Subramanian. She works as an Academic Writer and Tutor with various organizations. She has completed MSc(CA) from Symbiosis International University. She also includes a passion for research work in Artificial Neural networks and it's technologies. She is currently working as an Author with BPB Publications and Apress Media LLC.

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Section: Core python and Standard library
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Target Audience: Intermediate
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