Creating and working with APIs to develop a Telegram Bot

Rahul Arulkumaran (~rahulkumaran)




In this particular topic, I'll basically be telling people about how easy it is to create a Telegram Bot. The reason I'm interested in taking this up is because there are people who develop beautiful things and might want to let people to use it even on a mobile interface. The problem is not everyone's good with app development. So in such cases, deploying the beautiful things in the form of a bot would be a great idea.[HTML_REMOVED][HTML_REMOVED]

Bots can be of 2 types : [HTML_REMOVED]

  • Conversational
  • Command based

I'll be taking up the command based bot to help people get a feeling of this topic.

Also, through the example I'll be giving, I'll try to make people understand as to what APIs are and how to use existing one. Later I'll show them how to create your own Python APIs because APIs make lives easier for programmers and it's always a good practise to know how to create an API as you never know when someone else might need it.[HTML_REMOVED][HTML_REMOVED]


  • I'll be starting off with an introduction about myself and then I'll move on to what are bots.
  • I'll then be explaining about why we could probably use these bots on Telegram, Discord, Slack and so on.
  • Thereafter I'll be talking about the Telegram API for Python to help you interact with the bot and telling you how to use it. Before this, I'll show them how to prepare a bot on Telegram and get the Token.
  • After this, I'll be talking about the importance of an API and utilizing existing ones as it makes your job much simpler.
  • Slowly, I'll shift my focus on to how to build an API. I'll be explaining this using an example.
  • Then using the Telegram Bot API and the API we build for, we'll be creating a Telegram bot.
  • Lastly, I'll summarise and entire talk and will take up a couple of questions.

The entire talk will be based on a GitHub repository. The code links will be given to everyone for future reference.


  • Basic Python
  • Usage of libraries in Python

Content URLs:

  • There will be some slides that I'll prepare too but most of it is going to be an explanation from the GitHub repo and my talk

Speaker Info:

The speaker, in this case is me, Rahul Arulkumaran. I'm an engineering undergrad currently going into my 3rd year.

I'm also the Founder of the startup Free Flow. We still haven't registered it yet though.

I started learning how to code when I came into engineering and Python was the first language I learnt.

I never really developed anything until last year. It was after creating my first application that I got the interest to develop more using Python. From then to now, I've learnt a lot.

I might not be an expert but yes, for my age, I think I'm better than most others.

I'm also the President of the Computer Science Club, Enigma in my college Mahindra Ecole Centrale.

I'm a Python developer and an open source enthusiast. I also am a Contributing and Managing member of PSF.

I work on a lot of open source projects I love learning anything and everything related to coding.

I'm also a Machine Learning and Data Science enthusiast.

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