Creating 3rd generation Web APIs using Hydra and Hydrus

Akshay Dahiya (~xadahiya)




Introduction[HTML_REMOVED] 3rd generation Web APIs enables the creation of truly RESTful services with all its benefits in terms of scalability, maintainability, and evolvability. This allows creating Generic Consoles and loosely coupled clients. The main objective of this talk is to provide an overview of Hydra and Hydrus and how we can create such APIs using Hydrus.

Hydra [HTML_REMOVED] Building Web APIs seems still more an art than a science. How can we build APIs such that generic clients can easily use them? And how do we build those clients? [HTML_REMOVED] Current APIs heavily rely on out-of-band information such as human-readable documentation and API-specific SDKs. However, this only allows for very simple and brittle clients that are hardcoded against specific APIs. Hydra, in contrast, is a set of technologies that allow us to design APIs in a different manner, in a way that enables smarter clients.

Hydrus [HTML_REMOVED] Hydrus is a Flask server meant to build and deploy Hydra-based Web APIs in a straightforward and effective way. Hydrus utilizes the power of Linked Data to create a powerful REST APIs to serve data. Hydrus uses the Hydra draft standard for creation and documentation of it's APIs.

The talk will broadly cover these topics

  • Introduction to Semantic Web APIs
  • What is Hydra Draft and how can it help?
  • A detailed introduction to Hydrus, a generic server that uses the Hydra draft to create RESTful APIs
  • How can Hydrus be used to create Semantic Web APIs easily?
  • Some Use cases followed by a short demo


  • Python
  • Basic knowledge of Web APIs

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I'll be sharing my slides after the talk.

Speaker Info:

Hi, my name is Akshay Dahiya. I'm a Mentor and Organization Admin for Python Hydra in Google Summer of Code 2018 and I love working on Semantic Web and Artificial Intelligence-related projects.[HTML_REMOVED] I also mentor a couple of students across various Udacity Nanodegree programs (FullStack Nanodegree, React Nanodegree and Deep Learning Nanodegree) in my free time.

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