Creating 3D Art using Blender and Python

sreenivas alapati (~cg-cnu)




It's really hard to escape the 3D buzzword.

You find it used in all sorts of places, right from the movies you watch, Games you play, 3D printing, webgl graphics in the browser and VR, AR applications.

In this workshop we are going to cover the basics of 3D and do a hands on session on creating 3D Art using a professional open source application called Blender. Of course, python is a major part of blender and we will put your python skills to some good use.

What is this workshop NOT about :

This is not one of your boring programming workshops. We are not going to try improve your python knowledge ten folds in a matter of 2 hours.

What is this workshop about :

Come to this workshop if you want to be a kid again and have fun creating art in 3D using Blender and Python !!!

Who am I :

Hello, Sreenivas here! I am a 3D artist turned programmer. I work in the animation and VFX Industry and battle production issues with the power of python. I love art, technology and excited about combining both. I support open source by evangelizing Blender and Krita.

Who are you :

You are a person with an open mind, bitten by the curiosity bug and intrigued by how 3D Art is made. You have at least basic knowledge of python and ready to use your super powers to create 3D Art.

Takeaway :

By the end of the session…

  • You will know a broad overview of 3D Art.
  • Have a working knowledge of the professional open source 3D application, Blender.
  • Get a deeper understanding of the workflow for creating 3D art.
  • Use your python skills in the process of creating 3D Art.


  • Laptop with a decent GPU (any modern laptop)
  • A mouse with a middle click button (scroll which is clickable)
  • Download and install Blender from

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Speaker Info:

Sreenivas Alapati

Developer / Artist

Sreenivas started his career as an artist at Rhythm & Hues where he worked on Oscar award winning movies like Life Of Pi. During this time, he started self learning python for fun and got hooked on to it. Went on to developing tools, automate stuff and shifted to technology. Currently he works as a developer at The Cirqus where he takes care of the studio technology and has worked on projects like Baahubali and upcoming VR games & applications. He is a self-learner and open-sorcerer. Apart from Python he is interested in Nodejs and Rust. He is also a RHCA and cloud enthusiast.

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