Create a voice conversational agent for your raspberry pi home automation system

Ved Mathai (~ved47)




Voice is the new touch. It's not going to be too long before the likes of Alexa or Google Home take over our day to day life like the Internet and the mobile phones have.

There are countless tutorials on how to hook up a home automation system using a Raspberry Pi like here and here. Pair that up with voice capabilities and you can basically tell your lights to turn themselves off or the TV to change the channel.

In this talk I'll cover the following:

  • Hook up a microphone to a raspberry pi and be able to capture wav files on python.
  • Use an online API like Google's Speech API to convert the wav to text.
  • Give a background on what intents and entities (slots) are.
  • Installing open source software like Snips
  • Encoding our intents and example sentences and training the open sources software
  • Calling a functions to do particular activities

At the end there'll be a cool demo.


  • Knowledge of what a Raspberry Pi and Python is.
  • And maybe played with an Alexa, Siri or Google Home.

Yup, low barrier of entry.

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This one is the essence of it but closed source and in java:


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I am Ved. I have a masters in Computer Science/Data Science from IIIT-Bangalore and I work on NLP/Linguistics at Slang Labs. My goal in life is to sit down and have a conversation with a computer at a [HTML_REMOVED]bar[HTML_REMOVED] coffee shop. Maybe we won't get there soon, but at least maybe I can make it reserve my seat for me.

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