Computer Vision with Python.

Rohan Vijay (~rohan96)




We all(probably) love facial recognition feature isn't it?. We all edit our images before posting it to social media to give a flamboyant touch and its done in too simple steps. Open the editing software, select what you want to configure(filters, Sharpness, etc.) and you're done. Quite easy, right? But what if you know how the back-end of how these softwares run? what if you know the what kind of codes make your camera detect objects? Well with OpenCV and python its simpler than you can imagine!

My talk will be about OpenCV with Python. OpenCV is an acronym for Open Source Computer Vision Library. Its a library used for image processing. The code can be written in C++, Java or Python but since we all love Python, we'll use that. We will be using 'cv2' library for all the image processing and detection. My talk will feature:

  1. How images are stored in computer and how each pixels store image.
  2. Different types of Colour Bands and the role of Colour Bands in forming an image.
  3. Editing images with cv2 library in python.
  4. Blurring, Sharpening, Greyscaling, and other uses of image kernels.
  5. Object and Face Detection and live object Tracking using python and OpenCV.


Basic knowledge of Python and basic mathematics(Class 10th).

Speaker Info:

I am an undergraduate final year student, CSE branch from REVA University. I am a passionate programmer. I am an IEEE Volunteer. I was the Chair of IEEE Computer Society Chapter REVA University. Right now i am Student Branch Coordinator at IEEE Region 10(Asia/Pacific). Currently I am interning at Valtech India as a Java Developer. I have taught python to more than 150 students in my college by taking sessions. I have taught OpenCV to more than 80 students. I started loving python since 2016 when I read the book 'learn python the hard way by Zed Shaw'. My almost all the undergraduate projects are based on python.

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