Centralized User Management

Avinash Jain (~avinash86)




Users leave; but their credentials usually stick around. And this leaves a security hole to be filled. Though a lot of services integrate with GSuite but tools/third-party services/ssh credentials - places where individual or shared user accounts are managed out of band - remain a security risk. In the spirit of automation and predictability, we have been working towards a “Centralized User management solution” and automating everything

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I am working as an Information Security Engineer at Grofers. Earlier I was with Makemytrip and Expedia, and have a total of 3 years experience in the InfoSec field. I'm also a part time bugbounty hunter - acknowledged by various MNCs and some top companies of India. I am also an active blogger on Medium where I write about interesting vulnerabilities that I find on my bugbounty journeys. Some of the articles have been published in various Security magazines and newsletters like Hakin9, Bugcrowd.

Managing application security, performing penetration testing, hardening network and infrastructure, and automating security tasks to reduce manual effort are some of the things I take care of on a daily basis.

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