Can a few lines of Python help thousands of people?

Anuj Menta (~anujmenta)




I wrote a few lines of code to build a web application using Flask back in University. Everyone found it so good, it was like a forest fire. I could never have estimated that a few lines of code can help thousands of people with stuff they do every day. In my case, I designed and developed a website 'Papercop' which did the simple job of downloading all the relevant question papers from the university's portal and all the student had to do was enter their roll number.

No Ads. No signups. No logins. One input. One output. And everyone out there loved it. Thousands of students used the site before every examination

I'd like to take the audience through the ups and downs of seeing how a simple idea they keep thinking of, can be brought to life using Python while talking about best practices and growth hacks.



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I am an IIT Kharagpur graduate(2017) who spent over 4 years coding in Python. Worked with all styles of python from website development using Django and Flask to scientific computing using numpy and scikit-learn to web-scraping using Selenium. It's been a wonderful journey all along and I'm now looking forward to bring as many people on board as I can to experience what I've experienced.

I am also the founder of Papercop, an examination preparation portal for the students of IIT Kharagpur which has about 70k+ hits. I am a very passionate speedcuber( Can solve the rubiks cube in about 10s odd). Won plenty of medals in speedcubing competitions across the country. I now work as an analyst with American Express.

Speaker at Pycon India '17 and invited to Pycon Italy'18

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