Building your own Emotion recognizer from Scratch !

shaaran Lakshminarayanan (~devshaaran)




The workshop will be escalating from a very beginner level and so I only require you to know the basics of python and if possible a glance of the OpenCV library.

The workshop will be proceeding accordingly :

  • Basics of Image processing.

  • Image classification using Deep Learning (CNN).

  • Deploying your own Emotion recognizer.

A preview of your final work


  • Basics of Python

Please download and install the following libraries in beforehand :

  • Pytorch

  • OpenCV

  • Fastai

  • numpy

  • matplotlib

  • dlib

  • imutilis

We will be using all of the mentioned libraries to make the goings of the workshop easy to understand and implement.

Additional Files :

Please download from here

Content URLs:

Git Hub Repository : click here

Demo: click here

Speaker Info:

I am shaaran and my main aim is to take technology to everyone and spread my knowledge as far as I can, in a journey to fulfill my dreams I have went to many institutions and have conducted workshops and talks in Robotics and AI, I am currently a second-year student at VIT University and also a part of many organizations like Google Developers Group, RoboVITics and more , I have interned at Toshiba recently and have made a new AHU control system using IOT and AI.

Speaker Links:

Github: click here

Linkedin: click here

Section: Data science
Type: Workshops
Target Audience: Beginner
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Srikumar Raja (~srikumar63)

Wow , looking forward to see you at the pycon

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