Building Own WebFramework like Django , Flask , Tornado to serve Web Application using Core Socket Programming





There are many framework available in the market for free and with a lot’s of feature like Django , Flask , Tornado . These framework help us to build web application and serving the files over the network without worrying about the low level details like how it works , how the files are being severed to the clients , web browser and how it handles the clients to be connected and serving the data to the lot’s of clients with minimum amount of time with managed thread.

So in this talk I’ll share my knowledge how does the web server work and how we can build our own framework like other available framework and further enhance it , to make it big, and to handle the clients with multiple processes and threads.

In this talk I will be talking about :

  1. What is a WebFramework and How does a web framework work?

  2. How we can make a simple web sever to serve the “hello world” webpage to the browser

  3. How we can make the HTTP custom request header to tell the browser about the current status of request on the different situation like 200 , 404 , 500.

  4. how to server files like html, css to generate the advance webpages using socket to the browser.

  5. Getting the requested URL Params and serving the files over the network.

  6. Making a Download link and let the user to download the files over socket.

  7. Improvement of request and response time of the web server and optimising it so that the web server can handle more and more clients over the network.


1. Basic python understanding.

2. Python installed on your system.

3 .Socket library (you can install it using the pip installer)

Content URLs:

  1. Code will be updated on github very soon.

Speaker Info:

I am Nawneet Kumar, CTO at Elezire Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

I have worked in Different Projects and in Different Languages in my past year.

I have worked in era like IOT Development , Android Application Development , IOS Development and Web Development.

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