Building and shipping python packages with Reasonableness

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Python is a great language to get started quickly, it's very easy to learn and it has a huge number of libraries available. One of the biggest challenges I found was how do you package is your code for distribution. Building and packaging is kind of a black box for me when I started with it.

How to package your code/library in python and publish to PyPI? What's the difference between wheels and eggs? Do I use setuptools or pbr? What is pbr? Why should I use twine? Should define dependencies in or requirements? How to push my package in PyPI?

  1. History of python packaging.
  2. Do I use setuptools or distutils?
  3. What is pbr and history or pbr?
  4. What is and what goes in it.
  5. Features of pbr
  6. How to manage versions using pbr ?
  7. Demo.

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Working as a Principal Engineer at Pramati technologies..Working with python from past 3 years and loves programming and automation.

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