Build your own Command Line Application and upload it to PyPI!





Who hasn't used Git in the terminal? An absolute beast of a tool. But did you ever have an idea to build your own cool Command Line tool for something you believed could simplify life for other devs but you didn't because you were too lazy to research? Worry not! I present to you Click!

Click is a Python package for creating beautiful command line interfaces in a composable way with as little code as necessary. It’s the “Command Line Interface Creation Kit”. It’s highly configurable but comes with sensible defaults out of the box.

In this talk, I'll go through the process of designing a simple (or complex) Command Line Interface called thanos which tells you whether you survived the SNAP or not. I'll be taking you through the process of designing, building and publishing our thanos package. We'll then upload it to the Python Package index so that you can do pip install thanos from any system worldwide and find out if you perished or not.


  • What is a CLI?
  • Building our own CLI called Thanos, to find out whether you survived the snap or not.

            >>thanos snap
            You didn't make the snap.
  • Creating complex commands using beautifully decorated code.

  • Exploring arguments, flags and options within the CLI.
  • What's PyPI, and why do we need it?
  • Uploading your new Thanos package to Python Package Index.
  • QA


  • Should have seen or used a terminal before. (Mandatory)
  • Basic Python knowledge preferred.

Content URLs:

(Cool power-point and Github repo coming up)

Speaker Info:

  • Adarsh is a visionary who strives to build amazing tools for people. He is currently pursuing bachelors in CSE.
  • Currently he is Google Summer of Code Intern at CloudCV, an organisation which works on making reproducible AI research, where he is building a versatile CLI for EvalAI project.
  • He was one of the youngest speakers at FOSSASIA International Summit 2018 in Singapore for his work on Python based NLP POSTagger.
  • Worships Open Source software and have contributed to multiple organisations like FOSSASIA, Zulip where he was also a mentor for Google Code-In 2016.

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