Better visibility into your distributed application through ElastAlert

Amit Singh Sethi (~dusual)




As we move towards microservices and distributed architectures it is important to ensure your tooling acts as an effective communication between different teams. This talk is not only about building better applications but improving business delivery through better visibility into your application through the elastic stack.

The Basic structure of the talk shall be:

  • Understanding logging and exceptions. What to log and what not to log?
  • Building pipelines to ship logs for your distributed application.
  • Understanding ElastAlert alerting rules.
  • Real-world examples and mechanism of how you can tie in ElastAlert with your IT operations.


Some understanding of building business applications for any stack should help.

Speaker Info:

Amit Sethi, is a Software Developer at E2E networks. A cloud computing company out of Delhi. His day job involves writing code for distributed applications running using API's and Infrastructures. Some of which he owns and some which he does not. He is passionate about understanding how to deliver a better customer experience of application he writes while ensuring sanity for himself and fellow colleagues.

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