Becoming a Plumber: Building deployment pipeline in minutes

Alok Agrawal (~imalokagrawal)




DevOps is gaining momentum and we at Microsoft want our users to have great CI/CD story for any language targeting any platform. In this session, we will be talking about how easy is to get started on Cloud and DevOps for Python developer in this new generation of Microsoft

We're going to start from scratch and before we're done we will use Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) to setup Continuous Delivery for Python Applications on Cloud and demonstrate the DevOps strategy in action. The solution grows up to the most demanding needs of a modern software developers powered by VSTS. Whether you are starting new, bringing your own tool chain or inter-operating with existing tools and assets, you can accelerate your delivery of value with Azure and VSTS.



Speaker Info:

Alok Agrawal is Product Manager for Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services where he and his team are building next generation cloud based developer tools. He has been with Microsoft for over 7 years. Previously he has worked with Windows Application Compatibility and Azure Application team. Alok has Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and completed his business management from IIM Calcutta.

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