Backdooring windows with python

Naga Srikanth Grandhi (~naga_srikanth)




In this talk, we discuss how python scripts can be used in the world hacking. Python can be used to automate many tasks and we see network protocols using python. Programming isn't just codes, but it's a way of communication. This talk is more of an awareness about the possibilities of python can be used and hacking is one of them. We break down steps to hack a system and automate tasks using python.

Topics covered:

  • Sockets in python
  • Using TCP, UDP protocols and creating a Server/Client
  • A basic backdoor for windows
  • Using HTTP protocol to steal users data
  • Using encryption to obfuscate network traffic
  • Subprocess module
  • Pyinstaller to make binaries of malware
  • Bypassing antivirus (we will test it by uploading .exe to virustotal)
  • Using Sqlite3 to retrieve chrome passwords
  • Emailing subprocess outputs with python
  • Send data to google forms as POST
  • Simple Ransomware code
  • Other Python tools for hacking


Basics in python, Operating system fundamentals, Networking basics.

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Speaker Info:

I am Grandhi Srikanth, and truly passionate in cyber security. I hold C|EH, CCNA in Routing and Switching, Cyber Ops certification and interested in creating malware codes and as python makes it simple, I use python.

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Twitter: @gn_srikanth



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