Automating REST API testing for functional, security and performance testing

Sarala V (~sarala)




API testing is fun! For a small team of 7 (Dev + QA), having dedicated resources to do functional, Security and Performance of the APIs is close to impossible. Hence, We came up with a framework which automates the process of API testing covering the basic functionality, Security, and Performance so that we don't miss out testing any of these layers.

I would cover up the basics of Postman, Burp and JMeter components used for the framework.


  1. Interest in automating the Webservices testing :)

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  1. Postman
  2. Jmeter
  3. Burp

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A tech enthusiast who has 7+ years of experience in the Software Testing in Startups. Love to explore new technologies and automate mostly everything which takes more time. A strong believer in processes. Love testing Webservices. Would love to share the experience we had in building the framework for API testing.

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JrmTech Ankur (~jrmtech)

Hi, can you please add the resources for this talk eg. draft of the slides in the "Content URLs" section? Links to dependencies can be added under talk description.


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