Automating Open Source communities on Blockchain: A transparent way to manage Organizations

Akshay Arora (~akshayaurora)




Open Source Communities and their management.

  • How things work currently
  • A case study of different open source organizations:
  • Advantages and disadvantages of current systems.

The issues with Open Source organizations are nothing new, what are the possible solutions available?

  • DAO and automation of majority of the tasks of a "Open by default organizations"
  • What part of the organization can be automated, what can't.

Important Aspects that usually breed trust among members:: - Transparency - Consistency & Automation - Inclusion & support

Our Proposal

We will be posting codebase and complete websites and mobile apps that offer these solutions:

  • Automated and transparent membership procedure.
  • Transparent Public Elections on Blockchain for a board with automated publication of votes and results.
  • Automate votes based on proposals
  • Automated Procedure to apply for grants: with voting members and results being put up on Blockchain
  • Automated meetings with MOM being recorded and put up on blockchain.

Testing Proposal from the ground up:

Start Small and test if these methods work locally in meetup groups - Automation of Tasks around meetups: ... We will keep updating here as and when we have deployed solutions on blockchain

Tools used for these automation:

Blockchain Dapps using : Solidity & Vyper Python: Kivy Framework for mobile apps and Web3.js & other such frameworks.

Repos: They will be made online shortly, currently the experimentation is going on the following repos: please excuse for the alpha quality of the software as they are just experiments as of now.

This is a open source initiative based on the needs we feel we have seen arise in open source communities around us.

Ultimate Goal

  1. Use this proposal as a catalyst and create small Organizations in local communities testing this theory.

  2. If things work in local communities, create a National Level Organization for managing the tasks around PyCon India

This is just one of the hopefully multiple proposed solutions for moving on post PSSI.


A willing ness to contribute, ability to learn. Open Mind to experiment even if it leads to failure.

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Akkshay is huge open source enthusiast, he has helped bootstrap different communities around Kivy, PyDelhi, ILUGD, BlockchainDevs , HyperLedger Delhi/NCR & chaired conferences like PyDelhiConf, Pycon-India, Global Blockchain Conference.

He has been involved and working on blockchain based projects from 2011 onwards, he is one of the core developers of Kivy python framework & Electrum bitcoin wallet that has been built on top of it.

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