Automating messaging using Selenium

Pareksha Manchanda (~pareksha)




I was fed up with the daily 'Good Morning' messages I had to send to my crazy not so important friends as well as waking up till midnight just to send 'Happy Birthday' messages. I decided to automate all this stuff and I found 'Selenium' to be just fit for the purpose.

Selenium is simply a web browser automation tool but what you can do with it is totally up to your imagination.

This talk will be about the numerous crazy ideas you can implement using Selenium including automating WhatsApp messaging like wishing birthdays at midnight and sending bulk messages on one click. The talk will also include how quickly and easily these things can be implemented using Selenium.


Knowledge regarding basic python syntax (or of any other programming language).

Speaker Info:

Currently, I am a Google Summer of Code intern with coala.

I love coding and python is my favorite programming language.
Regarding college, I am a CSE 2nd year undergrad at UIET, Panjab University.

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