Automate anything on the Web using Python bindings for Tor-Selenium and hide your IP while doing it.

Ved Mathai (~ved47)




Need to get some repetitive task done on your web browser? Want to automatically fill boring forms? Or maybe you want to crawl pages that annoyingly check whether you are a browser or a robot. Or maybe you want to repeatedly bias an online poll in your favour (as long as you don't harm anyone). Circumvent all of that with Selenium, the browser automation tool. And if want you want to protect your IP while doing it then just fire up tor-selenium browser, which gives you the power of tor and browser automation.

In this talk:

  • I'll show you how to set up the browser.
  • How to access the website through code.
  • How to design your script to navigate through the pages and button clicks.
  • How to effectively do your activity, like filling up text fields etc.
  • And then a demo of it working completely.

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