An Enterprise JavaScript Ecosystem

Marc Udoff (~mlucool)




Why a JavaScript talk at PyCon? JavaScript has become a crucial view for Pythonic data analysis via Jupyter Notebooks. Jupyter widgets have taken python data from read-only to a rich, interactive experience. This talk will focus on providing a delightful and consistent user experience across all platforms. Specifically, we’ll talk about why we should want Jupyter to reuse our JavaScript ecosystem and how we achieve this. Finally, we’ll end with a vision for enabling data to render similarly regardless of whether you view it in a Jupyter notebook, email, or a flask/nodejs powered website.


Familiarly with Jupyter Notebook

Speaker Info:

I am a developer for the JavaScript team at the D. E. Shaw group. One of our core principles is that users come first; we are hyper focused on improving the user experience for developers, technical users, and non-technical users of everything from intranet sites to the interactive python environment. We aim to delight.

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