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Do you know, your favourite superheroes in Avengers, cute characters of Kung Fu Panda and the epic wars of Baahubali were brought to screen with the help of python? If you are into gaming, you need to thank python for the characters you have played and the world you have explored. Even the next generation technologies like AR and VR use python to deliver their magic to you in new formats.

It won't be a overstatement if we say

python is the backbone of the animation Industry

In this talk we go behind the scenes and see how our favourite programming language is used in the animation industry, why it plays a huge role and the kind of applications built with it.


A bit of curiosity and interest in learning about usage of python in various industries, usually less represented in the python community.

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Sreenivas Alapati

Developer / Artist

Sreenivas started his career as an artist. He worked on oscar award winning movies like life of pi as an artist at Rhythm & Hues . He started programming for fun and thanks to his first programming language python, he got hooked on to it. He currently works as a Core Software Engineer at Digital Domain, where he battles the production issues on Hollywood movies with the power of python! He loves art and technology and excited about combining both. He is a self-learner and open-sorcerer. Apart from Python he is interested in Nodejs and Rust.

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