Advanced Object Oriented Programming

Vishnu Kiran (~vishnu25)




This workshop is dedicated to discuss and extrapolate on the core of Object Oriented Programming its finer details and nuances. The objective of the talk is to introduce concepts that will ensure OOP becomes second nature to a programmer. This is a beginner and an intermediate level talk and is meant to explore OOP concepts in detail.

What you will gain after this session

  • Detailed overview of Object Oriented Programming
  • Intuition on the finer nuances of Object Oriented Programming.
  • Tips on keeping the OOP code clean and readable.
  • Expanding your horizon by understanding some lesser known concepts in Python.

The session will focus on the following aspects with examples

  • Inheritance and everything about it. ( 20 minutes including introduction)
  • Method Resolution Order (15 minutes)
  • Extending Built-in Types (5 minutes)
  • Data Models (20 minutes)
  • Meta Classes and where they help (25 minutes)
  • Decorator Basics and Class Decorators. (20 minutes)
  • Factory Design pattern. (10 minutes)
  • Singleton (7 minutes)
  • Things to remember while writing code ( 5 minutes )
  • Conclusion and Recap (7 minutes)


  • Basic Python syntax
  • Some understanding of Object Oriented Programming

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It is still a work in progress. More content will be added and streamlined soon.

Speaker Info:

I am a Senior Software Engineer/Data scientist at NextOrbit, Technical Architect at Code Matrix. I am a startup guy who loves the idea of building teams and working with them from the ground up. I have been part of and lead teams that have built medium and large scale software. I am glued to the computer a lot, although that must be obvious. But when I am not peeled to a laptop I play badminton, chess, teach students software and find creative reasons to skip a session in the gym on a daily basis.

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Have not had a lot of bandwidth for open source contribution. Something I hope to change soon.

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