Accelerating DevOps with ChatOps using Python, Django, Docker and Kubernetes

Ankur Rawal (~ankurrawal)




DevOps is evolving fast with the massive growth that chat-based automation and processes has seen in the recent years. We focus on how to leverage the bot-enabled chat platforms like Slack, MSTeams, Mattermost to your advantage in the context of DevOps using various ChatOps techniques. We also focus on the building and deployment of ChatOps using Python, Django, Docker and Kubernetes. An entire array of DevOps processes such monitoring, CI/CD, analytics can be streamlined through different aspects of ChatOps - bots, cross-application workflows and tying together the internal tools, external tools and microservices in any team's DevOps tool-chain. Productivity, speed and transparency in DevOps can be achieved with the use of ChatOps.

Our intention with this workshop would be to focus on the development of ChatOps using Python, Django, Docker and Kubernetes. While several tools are available for developers to build and implement ChatOps for their organization, we believe that the combination of these tools allows for the most versatile, scalable, flexible product. Through our talk, the participants will learn to use these platforms for advanced ChatOps development to automate Dev and DevOps in their teams. We will cover various use cases for all stages of Dev and DevOps cycle. This would give the audience a chance to identify their needs and current state. Next comes the ways these requirements can be tackled through various tools like Python, Django, Docker and Kubernetes(we also cover the advantages and drawbacks of the same). After a well-rounded view of how to implement ChatOps for all kinds of DevOps teams - based on requirements, preferable architecture and choice of language, we end with an interactive Q&A session.


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I am Ankur, founder and CTO at YellowAnt . I take care of Managing the product architecture, system design and infrastructure design. I have been working on Python for 5 years now. I have intensive knowledge of AWS, Scalling application, Kubernetes, Docker, Databases, etc, and have been conducting developers sessions, meetups and workshops for the same.

Prior to founding these companies, I worked with Sasken Communication and IBM India Software labs for 5 years. There, I worked on Perl, C/C++, DB2, XML and other technologies. I have also worked with universities in structuring their Data Mining courses to incorporate real-world use cases, and as a judge for events in TGMC (Organised by IBM) and Engineer (Annual TechFest organised by NITK Surathkal). I have also consulted with Banks, Startups and NGOs for their Tech Stacks.

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