Workshop On Building Scalable Conversational Systems With Python

Olamilekan Wahab (~Olamyy)




This is a practical guide to my proposed talk on "Building Scalable Conversational Systems with Python". It will look at the above topic from a much more hands on perspective. In the workshop:

  1. A cross platform bot would be built. This would be used in explaining the best practices in writing bots.
  2. Tests would be written for the bot. This would help show how unit tests are written for bots and how bots are and should be tested.
  3. The bot would be deployed
  4. The bot would be scaled.

This workshop would go a long way in explaining the concepts introduced in the talk.


  1. Python
  2. Flask

Speaker Info:

I am an Engineering Student of the Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife, Nigeria who has a huge interest in Python. I am an active member of the Python Community in Nigeria and I head the Python Community in my school. I have organized, coached at and helped a lot of female (as well as male ) students get familiar with Python using the DjangoGirls events in my school and others. I have used Python in both academic and non-academic ways and as such I can say I have a very good experience and knowledge of it. Aside, being a student, I work at Terragon Group as a DevOps Engineer and as a Student Django Mentor at Code Institute. I also lead the Python Team in Ilab.

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