Why Python Sucks

Yash Mehrotra (~yash2)




Just how every DjangoCon has a Why Django Sucks, I think this PyCon also deserves one.

I'm going to discuss python gotchas, pitfalls and things that may make one cringe. We'll also discuss why your favourite language is not the best out there, and how using Python for everything may eventually bite you back.

I'll also touch on the subject of the 2 vs 3 split and how it is harming the progress of Python overall, then I'll additionally speak about how you can be productive and fast using statically-typed languages.

In short, it will be a rant about the dark side of Python.

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Slides: http://slides.com/yashmehrotra/why-python-sucks/fullscreen

Speaker Info:

This talk will be given by Yash Mehrotra. He is currently working at Grofers where he is a part of the Search Team. He has also interned at HackerEarth, AdWyze and is a former Mozilla Winter of Security Participant. Having worked on Python for around 4 years, he's re-questioning where his faith lies.

Speaker Links:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/yashm95

Mail: yashmehrotra95 at gmail dot com

Github: https://github.com/yashmehrotra/

Section: Core Python
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Beginner
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Can you please upload your talk slides?

Kushal Das (~kushal)

Sorry, for the delay, i'll add them by the end of day

Yash Mehrotra (~yash2)

Hi, I have updated the proposal with my slides.

Yash Mehrotra (~yash2)

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