Using Sphinx to generate documentation for your codebase

Avneesh Chadha (~avneesh88)




Generating Documentation for your code is something that all developers hate doing (and managers love). Sphinx is a documentation tool that makes writing documentation for your code easy and painless (plus makes it look more professional).

The talk will include/touch upon the following :

  1. Setting up sphinx for your project.
  2. Generating docs for your project.
  3. Auto generating documentation for your functions as APIs.
  4. Automating the whole process for doc generation.
  5. Advanced features and best coding practices to make the most of Sphinx.

By the end of this talk people should be able to setup documentation for their codebase's, and automate it.

For a full list of features check out the sphinx documentation.


  1. Python Basics
  2. Experienced the pain of writing documentation on your own.

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Avneesh Chadha

I am polyglot developer working at Delhivery with about 4 years of experience. I try to have fun while making very high performance systems. Hate writing documentation and love unit test cases.

Apart from writing code, I like to spend my time finding simple ways to solve obscure problems (or just use Redis. Redis rocks. No seriously, it does!) and work on open source p2p protocols.

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Twitter: @av_neesh

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Target Audience: Beginner
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